Marlboro Country: Racuh a Payaman, Batanes

Either the wind desired me naked or it just hated that shade of pink on me. The latter, if the wind were buddies with the band of alpha male tourists that stood just a couple of lawns from me. My pink polo stood out in a sea of greens, prompting them to quip “confirmed” when they believed I might not hear them. It must have been their very first time to see one more guy in pink. bad souls.

Dar in fine. In a location as gorgeous as this, nothing as well as nobody might ruin my mood. From afar, a pink dot — me, the pink dot — dashed across the grass-covered waves that peaked as well as sank softly across the tough seaside landscape. Locals phone call this Racuh a Payaman. Tourists have one more name for it: Marlboro Country.

The view right here was nothing short of spectacular. I might clearly see Tayid Lighthouse, crested on an opposite hill, contending for attention. however even a lighthouse as bright as Tayid pales in comparison to the grand as well as gracious way the virid cliffs plummet to Diura Beach, where they satisfy the overzealous waves in a splashy embrace. In the middle of all the action is a rocky pinnacle, a directed islet, that breaks the waves in half.

That pink blob right there is me. Teehee.
The Tayid Lighthouse as well as Diura beach as seen from Marlboro Country
Tayid Lighthouse stands proudly amid the rolling hills of Mahatao

A cone-shaped islet catches the interest of tourists admiring the view.
I might touch the sky!
Photographers setting up their stuff.
Narrow foot tracks snake around the crumpled land, ushering visitors to other corners as well as viewpoints. The angle modifications however none of them any type of less outstanding than the previous. as well as what is Marlboro country without horses cows? If they’re not grazing, they are resting comfortably in one of the shallow holes on one of the slopes.

Of all the stops on the Batan Island South Tour, this is most likely where I stayed the longest. getting from the jump off point to the prominent viewing area alone demanded a great deal of time (and energy). professional photographers perched on a hill with their tripods waited for their money shots unfold, while others held their jaws in place, lest they autumn as well as roll down to a little pocket of sand below.

How to get to Marlboro Country: From the Basco flight terminal or Basco town Proper, you may reach Honesty Coffee shop by tricycle (P200-P220, 30-40 minutes). You may likewise lease a tricycle for a SOUTH BATAN TOUR, which makes a stop at Marlboro country (P1500, great for 2 pax).

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