Suntem acasă! Our journey from Costa Rica to Grenada

house is where our backpacks are. That’s just the method it’s been for us for almost 5 years now. We refer to our hostels, hotels, apartments as well as house/pet sitting tasks as “home”. as well as although we’ve enjoyed all of our temporary houses over the years, there’s just something additional special about the island of Grenada.

We very first concerned this southern Caribbean paradise in April of 2014. We had just joined trusted Housesitters that year as well as landed our extremely very first worldwide job, pet-sitting an adorable dog named spare as well as living in a adorable cottage on a gorgeous property, set right on the beach. We spent almost 7 months in Grenada last year as well as the island truly got under our skin… in a great way.

Breakfast with a view!
There’s just something about this country!

We understood we would come back one day, however we just didn’t believe it would be so soon. However, over the years we’ve discovered to go with the flow as well as comply with the opportunities…and all indications directed to us returning this year.

Spare Dog’s owners invited us to come back to look after him once again (how might we state no?!) as well as there was one more house/pet sit on the island which lined up completely with the dates that we were needed with spare câine.

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The journey from our pet-sitting task in Costa Rica, back “home”, was relatively directly forward. We packed up our backpacks, stated goodbye to Jack the puppy, rented a cars and truck as well as navigated our method from Platanillo to San Jose, Costa Rica. Although we were only in this central American country for two weeks, we still enjoyed the lushness of the rainforest as well as the lovely ocean. We even saw our very first toucan!

Us heading out for a day on the bike with Jack!
Our flight to Grenada via Miami left the complying with morning at 6:30am, which meant either sleeping in the airport, which we’re rather accustomed to, or, costs the night in a hotel nearby. We chose the latter this time around around as well as enjoyed a comfortable night’s stay at experience Inn.

The space was huge, as well as ours had a jacuzzi! I hadn’t had an actual bath in about two years (to clarify, I had showered, just not bathed). I basically spent the whole night soaking in the tub as well as went to sleep with wrinkled (but softened) skin.

A bonus offer of the hotel was its close proximity to the airport, as well as it included a free shuttle in the early morning for us to catch our flight. The space likewise included a significant breakfast spread, however since we had to be at the flight terminal at the ridiculous hour of 4:30 am, we missed out, however were instead provided a little take-away box.

The space was great, the welcome we got at check-in was top notch, as well as the jacuzzi was awesome!
After a overall of 12 hours, including our Miami layover, we shown up in Grenada!

Driving in from the flight terminal was like a trip down memory lane. even though it was nighttime by this point, every roundabout we took, every street we turned down as well as ever bit shop we passed by, we were reminded of our life right here and we excitedly reminisced about our past adventures.

We liked hearing the familiar (yet, difficult to decipher) Caribbean accent from the flight terminal attendants, as well as we provided the all-important customary greeting “Evening, evening”. We welcomed the noise of the screeching tree frogs as we drove with the jungle – they only sing at night, which makes it difficult for some to sleep, however I discover it rather soothing. The usual trade winds were blowing as well as the evening air was warm as well as humid.

We got an incredibly warm as well as generous welcome from the owner of the very first two dogs that we are taking care of, as well as couldn’t be happier with the house we’re staying in for the next two months.

Our office is found on a large patio overlooking the ocean as well as we’re able to take breaks to great off in the pool. We are taking care of two lovely dogs, Macy: a 13-year-old shepherd mix, as well as Pumpkin: a 7-year-old terrier mix, each with their own unique character as well as character. After Macy as well as Pumpkin’s owner is back on the island, we’ll be moving houses as well as taking care of spare dog when again, for three months this time.

Macy, Pumpkin as well as our lovely view!
Since being back, we’ve been reuniting with our old good friends from the island, as well as have been making new good friends as well. We can’t wait to get out as well as check out more of the hidden gems that we missed during our ultima ședere. Deși cu dimensiuni mici, există atât de multe lucruri de efectuat în Grenada. Suntem chiar aici de aproape două luni, precum și simțim cu adevărat că suntem acasă.

În situația în care ați ratat -o, inspectați videoclipul nostru de mai jos despre casa noastră temporară actuală, precum și animale?

Pentru mai multe informații despre Grenada, faceți clic chiar aici pentru a vedea câteva dintre postările noastre anterioare … și rămâneți la curent cu altele noi!

O mulțumire specială pentru Experience Inn pentru că ne -a ținut o noapte, precum și pentru că ne -a condus la terminalul de zbor departe de dimineață? Ca întotdeauna, toate gândurile, opiniile, precum și evaluările rămân proprii, în ciuda oricărui tip de servicii gratuite primite.

Imi place? Ia! ?

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