5 SIPALAY beaches as well as RESORTS

The very first batch of tourists whom Sipalay City captivated was composed of divers. dealing with Sulu Sea, which is a huge part of the famed as well as naturally rich Coral Triangle, Sipalay is a giant treasure trove of underwater attractions. In fact, when seen from above, its reefs look like a kaleidoscope world painted in blue, green, as well as every shade in between.

But it was only a matter time before what utilized to be the diving community’s finest kept trick got exposed to the public at large. For non-divers, however, the beaches as well as coves are the highlight of any type of stay in Sipalay. You can hop from one attraction to one more in two ways:

By tricycle. The tricycle is the primary mode of transportation in the city. however they are not as typical as you may think. In areas outside the city proper, it’s rarely to discover a passing tricycle. You will have to ask a hotel or resort personnel to phone call one or arrange a trip for you. From the poblacion to anywhere outside, prepare to shell out P150-P200 per person. Some drivers agree to P250-P350 per 2 pax. Hence, it’s finest to hire a tricycle for an entire day. A whole-day Tricycle tour of the city costs P1500 (max. 4 pax).

Cu barca. From Poblacion Beach, you can charter a boat to take you to the exact same areas as the tricycle tour. expense is the same: P1500.

We suggest staying for at least three days in Sipalay to properly experience all its wonders at a relaxed pace. however anything shorter will do too. In fact, most of the key beaches as well as resorts in the area can be visited in one day.

Whatever you take, you will be able to see the complying with destinations. right here are some locations to see as well as things to perform in Sipalay!

Ce este acoperit în acest ghid?

Tinagong Dagat
Perth Paradise Resort
Punta Ballo
Sugar Beach
Poblacion Beach
Bonus: Danjugan Island
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Tinagong Dagat

Tinagong Dagat
This is a small, personal cove peppered with rocky islets, with some linked by wooden bridges. The area is handled by a resort that is quickly accessible from the primary road.

They don’t have a decent stretch of white sand here, however the views alone quickly comprise for it. There are likewise swimming pools around.

From the mainland, you can cross the long bridge as well as skirt around the islet on the other side as well as you’ll discover the base of a concrete staircase (of around 100 steps). Climb to the park atop to get a wonderful view of the surrounding islands.

Entrance fee: P30

Perth Paradise Resort

We discovered about Sipalay with a picture featuring Perth Paradise Resort. Their iconic pool as well as the view from it were just as well difficult to resist. The resort occupies an isolated hillside, with the pool crowning one. To get to the pool, you will have to climb one more staired path. Be warned though: It’s not an infinity pool, as well as it’s extremely small. however yes, the view is spectacular.

Perth Paradise Resort
We really spent one night right here (P2500), however you can likewise see on a day tour. If you’re visiting just for the pool,
we suggest a day tour visit. note that the hill where the pool as well as the spaces are perched on are quite steep as well as can be rather exhausting.

But if you want an getaway as well as a time away from everything, this may be a great place. It’s tucked in the far corner of Sipalay. There’s no cellular signal in most parts so you can’t be haunted by work or whatever it is you’re running away from.

Entrance Fee: P80 for adults, P50 for kids.
Pool use: P100 per person

Punta Ballo

Punta Ballo Beach
Another stretch of golden sand. This is where more upscale resorts, such as simple Diving, Robinson Cruse beach Resort, as well as creative Dive Center, are located.

Sugar Beach

Sipalay’s most prominent beach. It’s a long strip of, uhm, sugary sand cut in half by a stream estuary. Sugar beach most commonly refers to the half north of the river, cloistered from the rest of Sipalay. directions to this beach can be rather overwhelming at first.

Sugar Beach
If you’re on a boat tour, no problem; you will be taken directly to the beach.

If you’re on a tricycle tour, the tricycle is going to take you to the jump-off point near the mouth of the stream (far from the highway). From here, you will have to trip a boat to the other side of the stream (Boat fare: P50) then walk to the resort area. You can likewise charter a boat to take you directly to the resort area (Fare: P300).

Poblacion Beach

The beach fronting Sipalay City Center. Make sure you end your tour right here for two reasons. First, it faces west, making it a amazing area to watch the sunset. We did it on two consecutive nights as well as it was amazing both times. Such a relaxing sight!

Poblacion Beach
Second, running parallel this beach is Sipalay Food Park, which is composed of a number of inasal asprecum și locațiile barbeque, precum și mici chioșcuri alimentare. Ia cina aici!

Bonus: Insula Danjugan

Insula Danjugan
Acesta nu este în Sipalay, cu toate acestea, în Cauayan, cu toate acestea, este atât de rapid accesibil de la Sipalay, ar fi o transgresiune să nu o includă aici. La fel ca și una dintre insulele noastre preferate din Filipine!

Insula Danjugan este o fâșie de 43 de hectare de pământ covoare cu pădure tropicală densă, precum și retrasă în mijlocul unui sanctuar marin. Acesta este gestionat în mod privat de reciful filipinez, precum și de Fundația pentru Conservarea Forestului Rain (PRRCF), care a cumpărat, precum și a salvat insula de posibile daune din anii 90.

Mai multe informații despre asta aici: Insula Danjugan

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